North Ottawa Community Health System

The North Ottawa Medical Group is the leading pillar of the new North Ottawa Community Health System. Based on recent doctor, staff, and patient focus groups and surveys, we've decided to communicate how our health system structure works a little differently than in the past.

The North Ottawa Community Health System has three main pillars:

  1. Pillar One: Individual and Family Healthcare (Primary Care)
  2. Pillar Two: Community Healthcare Services (Extended Care - Hospice, Home Care Nursing & Equipment)
  3. Pillar Three: Hospital Treatment and Services (Acute Care)

The previous way of treating patients and maintaining one's health often started with the hospital. People would remain away from medical care until something was wrong, then would visit the hospital. After a hospital stay, a patient would receive follow-up treatment from other healthcare services and their own primary care physician.

Healthcare is no longer about waiting until you are sick. Preventative wellness care keeps people consistently healthy, and that starts with your personal or family doctor. That's where North Ottawa Medical Group comes in. We represent the best in West Michigan in women's care, family and internal medicine. We live where you live, and we are focused on making sure you stay well, but have access to both community healthcare services and hospital treatment when necessary. 

Hospital Treatment and Services are not going away. They remain quality services of North Ottawa Community Health. However, Individual and Family Healthcare is the new first stop for medical care. This includes your family doctor, internal medicine and women's care. To learn more about North Ottawa Community Health System and all of its services, visit